Spontaneous Creation [intro]

For the longest time I have been thinking about starting a blog, but as we all know so many questions arise once you actually think of doing it. What will I write? Where will I write it? and how? isn’t it going to be rubbish? Should I train first? Should I write anonymously? What will my blog look like?

Well, one Tuesday morning around Halloween time I decided to put all these questions aside and just go for it. I chose the WordPress blog as it allows the user to be in control of the design and I chose to be anonymous for now, as I don’t know yet how these blog posts will turn out to be. Also as we all know, anonymity provides us with a sense of freedom, that we can just shout out all our thoughts and opinions to the world without it having any consequences on our reputation. Granted, there could be positive consequences, but I am just not sure yet whether my thoughts are gold or not. I started writing this blog to find out precisely that, so any feedback you as a reader can provide me with I will gladly accept.

Now, about the topic of this blog. I named it e-business student, because that is what I currently am. The name implies e-business is what I will be writing about, but not entirely. To test my writing skills and interests, I will try to cover a variety of topics that I hope will be of interest to my future readers (if I have any). Otherwise, this blog will just become a diary.

Your noob blogger,


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